Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Receiving my White Flower Farm catalog in the mail is as good as opening a gift from a best friend.  I've been requesting my copy for over 20 years and here's why...

Many of us love to garden and share our experiences.  Well, have you ever stumbled on pronouncing the plant names correctly?  This catalog is a treasure of information on each plant and the editors provide pronunciation info.  Nothing worse than being corrected by another gardener when you discuss your latest peony, right?

Another biggie...amazing photographs which offer ideas for planting combinations and these are breathtaking ideas.  Since the company is Connecticut based, the plants are more adaptable to Maine gardens.  These plants can be pricey but always read the welcome letter on the inside front cover;  the owners share best buys and the reasons why.  ONe year I purchased Casablanca lily bulbs by the dozens and I owed it to the insights they provided about the bumper year a farmer somewhere on the planet had so the surplus brought the prices down to a mere $1 per bulb.  A steal!

Get yourself online and order your copy.  Sure, you can order online but this is a magazine and you will find yourself picking it up over and over.  I keep mine handy to my journal so that I can jot ideas down for future planting purchases and placement ideas.  

I highly recommend their begonia bulbs and oriental lily collections.  Heaven!

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