Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Breadbox Poppy

The Breadbox poppy is an annual bloom which may present in a red or a purple and the blossom is as big as your hand. I would sorely miss them in the gardens and though I sow them randomly early in the winter, these plants have a mind of their own...or the birds decide. You can order these from many catalogs but they do need to freeze, via the GE freezer or Mother Nature. I have sown my seeds in February on open soil; between now and April I know the freeze and thaw movement of the ground will settle these tiny black seeds at a perfect level. Tip: Don't disturb the soil where you have planted these seeds until mid June...they are late germinators in the garden. The pale green seedlings will distinguish themselves from weed seeds... you'll see. Enjoy a blue green foliage and the amazing flowers atop them. This is a deeply satisfying annual with a long lasting life in the summer garden. Harvest seed in September and repeat the process.



    You will find these poppy seed varieties at the link I copied above. Great website:
    You're going to love these poppies!