Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top Pick for Seed Supplier: Pinetree Seeds

Oh my, without hesitation people ask where I order my seeds for annuals, vegetables, and bulbs and I say Pinetree Seeds...and it's a Maine company! Their seeds are packaged in small quantities and it allows them to keep their prices down, ranging from $.95 to $2.00 or more. Though the catalog does not invest in glossy National Geo quality photos, it's a lot of fun to browse and you find gads of heirloom seeds and well tested seeds in the catalog. I love trying out new herbs and they offer some fabulous choices. I've never been disappointed with their seeds; here are a few on my classic seed purchases from Pinetree: seashell cosmos, a basil collection, straight eight cukes, canteloupe, morning glory, pole beans, and monet's palette sunflowers. I have provided the link on the blog site. So order your free copy today and start ordering now.

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